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Looking For Turnkey Installation?

If you’re seeking turnkey installation for a well or similar projects, you can rely on Drilling & Servicing Contractors for professional support. We have years of experience and can install at any location across the UK.


Our services have been a part of the industry since 1962. Over the years we have made sure that clients have the support they need to obtain clean water from an independent source and dispose of sewage suitable and safely.


We’ll do our best to make sure you receive outstanding customer support. Whether you require an upgrade to your existing system or something designed entirely from scratch, we can help.


Following on from installation, we can monitor the system to ensure it is working correctly. Should there be any issues found with it, we’ll do all we can to make sure that it is restored to a safe and secure working condition to save you time seeking external support for a luxury cost.


We can also explore the site to see whether or not the water is safe for use. With all this and more, you can trust in us to provide you with a service befitting of your requirements.


If you would like to enquire and find out more about our services, you can do so via our website or by giving us a call on 01455 202651


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Big artesian holes in Bourne.

DSC sucessfully completed the drilling and lining of 2 large diameter artesian boreholes in Bourne for a geothermal heating system.

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