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Why To Choose Our Water Treatment System Services In Nottingham

The team at Drilling & Servicing Contractors work exceptionally hard on water treatment system services in Nottingham and surrounding areas.  Since 1962 we have been trusted for our dedication and are confident you can rely on us for full, affordable support.


Water is something we need in our everyday lives, but if you live in an independent location you will need to ensure you have one installed for the property. This can ensure the water is treated accordingly and safe for use.


Over the years your water well might not be filtering the water as it did when it was first installed. That is why we offer to transform the existing system so that you can have the water suitably treated as it used to be.


Additionally, if you require a new system or an update to your existing one you can rely on us for a bespoke support according to your needs and budget.


You can find out more via our website and enquire by contacting us on 01455 202651. Alternatively, you can send us your enquiry via our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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We're also available via our contact form.

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Big artesian holes in Bourne.

DSC sucessfully completed the drilling and lining of 2 large diameter artesian boreholes in Bourne for a geothermal heating system.

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