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South London Dewatering

Drilling and Servicing recently completed a large dewatering project in South London.

The works involved the construction of 508mm lined chalk boreholes close to the river Thames.

We faced a few challenges on this project, but overcame every one.

As the site was located next to the Tidal reaches of the Thames, there was a large variation in the depth of the waterlevel within the Thames Valley Gravels. This made the installation of the initial 650mm casing sections interesting!

The other main issues were the access and the site location within an urban environment. Fortunatley DSC has many years of experience operating in densly populated city environments. We have developed a method of working and set of controls that allow us to excell on sensitive sites.

Dewatering Boreholes

Large diameter boreholes in an urban setting

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Big artesian holes in Bourne.

DSC sucessfully completed the drilling and lining of 2 large diameter artesian boreholes in Bourne for a geothermal heating system.

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