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Subterranean Geothermal!

DSC recently completed a challenging project in the East Midlands. The project required the drilling, lining, development and pump testing of four geothermal boreholes. The boreholes were 400mm diameter Sandstone boreholes 80m deep.

The challenge lay in the access! The boreholes were located beneath a large building, with the ony access to and between them down a 1.8m high car ramp.

As the working area was also withing a confined area, there were also the issues of heat and fumes to be overcome.

Just to make things more interesting, the site was open to the public and underneath a residential area!

To overcome the access issue a purpose built machine was constructed with an easy removable mast and head. The machine had to have enough power to drill 400mm to 80m and yet still be able to fit into the working area.

The fumes were removed by ducting all the engine exhausts directly into the building ventilation system and constantly drawing then outside. The heat issue was tackled with large fans drawing cool air through the working area.

Test pumping was carried out on a 24hr operation using the building power supply and our own invertor driven controls.

Drilling and Lining

Pictures of the working area and rigs.

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Big artesian holes in Bourne.

DSC sucessfully completed the drilling and lining of 2 large diameter artesian boreholes in Bourne for a geothermal heating system.

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